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It is my pleasure to disseminate such splendid news to my viewers that IRS has made a beautiful development to facilitate its stake holders “taxpayers”. The IRS has connected to the social media to make things even simpler for people like you. You can now track your refund and can even gaze at proceeding quite comprehensively. The IRS, mobile application where is my refund will surely let you has a closer look at your funds. You can simply manage your funds right from your android or iphone now! The splendid service is an unprecedented development from the IRS. The assisting material is present on YouTube in the form of videos. You even have luxury of choosing different foreign languages. It has not finished yet you smart application let you follow them on face book and twitter as well. I will post a comments once this application posted. The fun is just going to get big with this smart app.

Apple Tax Strategy, Big Corporation Tax Strategy

The latest annual report by Apple shows its brilliance in managing marketing and tax with equal ease. The company’s strategies allow it to save billions by paying less than ten percent of taxable income.

What is the secret behind this? The money earned outside of the United States is not brought into the country. Apple has many subsidiaries in countries outside the United States like the Netherlands, Ireland, British Virgin Islands and Luxembourg which are tax havens. The strategy known as ‘double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich’ that Apple pioneered has inspired many other multinational companies all over the world. The Apple owned subsidiary in the tax free state of Nevada, known as ‘Braeburn Capital’ is primarily maintained to manage the inflow of cash, which is not sent to California, the home state. Apple remitted a total tax of $3.3 billion in the year 2011 and the total profit was $34.2 billion that year. One study however states that Apple would have had to remit $2.4 billion extra if these rules were not there.


Why it is important for tax professional to look at your tax return

It is important to note that it is not what you know, but what you don’t know that is important when you are considering doing your own tax preparation. You need to ask yourself three simple questions in order to know whether you need the services of a well guided professional. First, are you ready and organized to give your taxes on time? The ability to give your returns on time requires that you have a simple return and that you have remained well organized throughout the year, a situation that is not a reality for most individuals. If you are not organized, then you need a well guided professional to do you tax preparation for you. He/she can quickly arrange your papers accordingly and assist you to prepare your taxes on time.
Secondly, are you ready to pay a tax professional? The charges of having your tax preparation done by a professional can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of your returns.
Thirdly, are you ready to deal with the intricacy of the federal code? The tax law has undergone major changes over the last forty eight years, with 3,500 occurring since the year 2000.
Reasons for using the services of tax professionals
The first reason for getting a tax professional to go over your taxes is the complicated tax code. A well guided professional will always be prepared and knowledgeable on the numerous changes that the tax code may undergo as it is part of their job. He/she will be able to recognize the benefits that you may be entitled to as well as notice a credit or deduction that you may have skipped. This way, you can file for amended returns which will ensure that you get your money back, with interest, in the cases where you might have overpaid on your taxes.
Secondly, getting well guided professionals for your tax preparation allows you to plan ahead and know how to manage your money in a way that maximizes your tax remuneration. Tax professionals usually give advice on how to make the most of your current cash flow through their expert knowledge.
Thirdly, tax professionals save you a lot of time. Most people wait until the last minute to do their taxes which translates into hours of tax preparation. Much of this time is usually spent trying to understand instructions on how to do your taxes properly and tediously filling out numerous forms. However, this work is quite simple for a well guided professional as they already understand the instructions and are knowledgeable on the tax code.
It is worth noting that choosing a tax professional is not an easy task. Since you are paying for the service, you must ensure that the tax professional is competent and credible, has technical experience and expertise, has thorough knowledge of the law and pays a great deal of attention to detail. In addition, it is important to get a second opinion from a tax expert in order to attain peace of mind that your well guided professional is doing a good job.

Manufacturing Process vs. Merchandising Process

In many ways, the activities of manufacturing  organizations are similar to those of merchandising business. Both are concerned with purchasing, storing and selling goods; both must have efficient management and adequate source of capital;  both may employ hundreds or thousands of workers.

The distinction between two: Merchandisers buy items in marketable form to be resold to their customers; manufacturers, must make the goods they sell

Intacct Accounting System

This is a truly revolution and so far complete integration of the accounting. I will point three reason to choose this software over quickbooks:
1) It is not locally hosted program which this eliminates multihosting hustle.
2) The integration with database files is much advanced and at the same time when you know what you doing, is allot simpler.
2) Overall quickbooks looks like checkbook recorder comparing to this system.

I know that quickbooks will not loose it popularity and we can force it to the clients, but I would strongly suggest to at least advice to use it.
Here is the link just to look at it and get the feeling:
and here is one more:

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