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Manufacturing Process vs. Merchandising Process

In many ways, the activities of manufacturing  organizations are similar to those of merchandising business. Both are concerned with purchasing, storing and selling goods; both must have efficient management and adequate source of capital;  both may employ hundreds or thousands of workers.

The distinction between two: Merchandisers buy items in marketable form to be resold to their customers; manufacturers, must make the goods they sell

Intacct Accounting System

This is a truly revolution and so far complete integration of the accounting. I will point three reason to choose this software over quickbooks:
1) It is not locally hosted program which this eliminates multihosting hustle.
2) The integration with database files is much advanced and at the same time when you know what you doing, is allot simpler.
2) Overall quickbooks looks like checkbook recorder comparing to this system.

I know that quickbooks will not loose it popularity and we can force it to the clients, but I would strongly suggest to at least advice to use it.
Here is the link just to look at it and get the feeling:
and here is one more:

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