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Tax Preparation

Every year on April 15th people know that is the last day when they will be able to fill the federal and State income tax returns. Many people actually don't want to do this themselves and that is why they will want to hire a Tax Preparation service to do their taxes for them.
  • Function
  • As a Tax Preparers, we will gather your personal information when we start the process of preparing your tax return. You will be asked you to submit your tax documents such as form 1099Misc, W2’s, 1098T, 1098E, 1099Int, 1099A, 1099c, 1098Div, charitable donation, etc. You will be asked information about your dependents, and also business deductions and receipts if applied. After you provide us with all this information we will proceed with preparing you tax returns for both Federal and State and review them with you before we e-file or mail them.

  • Benefits
  • It is actually obvious that when you hire us to prepare your tax return you will go with the services of well guided professionals. We are well trained and vast experience with the tax code and we will use that experience in order to ensure that you get the amount of money you pay minimized. Tax laws are very complex and people who will want to do this on their own will certainly miss some very important details. Missing deductions and credits like students loans, tuition credit, credit for child and dependency care expenses, child care credit, additional child care credit, Earn income tax credit, adoption tax credit or making some costly mistakes like omitting eligible dependent or choosing the wrong filing status can make you lose quiet a significant amount from on your refund.

    When you hire us as your Tax Professional we will make sure that the tax professional working on your case will vigilant. If you have a small business then such a service is like a divine intervention for you. This is because we will select what is meant to be an acceptable business expense, especially in cases were someone's works from home. Our professional will guide individuals with complex tax situation for example: making premature withdrawals from IRA, or individual who need to pay income tax on SS (Social Security) benefits.

  • Significance
  • It is essential that you use tax preparation services to prepare your tax return because when you are audited or there are mistakes on your returns the tax preparer’s information can be identified. The Internal Revenue Service requires Tax Prepares to disclose their ITIN number and signature in any return they prepare. These types of accountability make it essential for tax preparer to be meticulous and avoid errors when dealing with client tax return.

Tax Preparation Prices

1040EZ $70 Option #1 Single or Married Filling Jointly W-2 Wages and Salary Unemployment Compensation. Interest Income less than 1500 Make Work Pay Credit
1040A $80 Option #2 Includes option #1 + Federal Credit all Dependents Taxable IRA Distribution Taxable SS Benefits Taxable Pension and annuities Educator Expenses Student loan interest deduction Tuition and fees
1040 $100 Option #3 Includes option #2+ Self Employment--Schedule C-EZ Itemized Deductions--Schedule A Home mortgage interest, investments and business interest Gifts to Charity Medical and Dental Expenses Unreimbursed employee expenses
1040 $120 Option #4 Includes option #3+ Self Employment--Schedule C Rental Property Investments K-1 Forms Other miscellaneous income
Corporate and Par Forms 1120, 1120S, and 1065 start from $150 the price goes up depending on complexity.

Data Integration

Import data from different file types, including Excel, csv, xml, and etc. Produce various transaction types in QuickBooks with extracted data: Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, Estimates, Credit Memo, and etc.

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