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Integrated Accounting Solutions has the most reliable payroll system with up to date payroll software. Our payroll solutions offer enhanced productivity, reliable reporting and accuracy. You will benefit from our reliable service by eliminating penalties, misguidedly paid taxes, and escaping hassle with IRS and state agencies. We will make sure that your employees get paid on time and your taxes are paid as well.

Payroll may seem simple but in reality, IRS has been collecting most of the penalties from payroll taxes. Let us to help you to avoid such problems. Payroll may seem simple when you receive paychecks, paying employees possibly is a fundamental function for your business; however, payroll is not your core business activity, and you don’t have motive to do it with competitive aggression and accuracy. Don’t get overwhelmed with payroll nuts and bolts, let us do it on your behalf and you can focus on your business activities and your competitive responsibilities.

Our Payroll Services include:

  • Multiple pay periods

    We provide complete payroll solutions for companies. We support different payroll cycles. Your payroll can be done weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly.

  • Compliance

    We guarantee that your payroll will be accurate. Complying with state and federal payroll procedures is the initial step in avoiding costly penalties. Keeping up with payroll compliance and having uncontaminated record with tax agencies will reinforce your company’s reputation. Your employees will be happy and the company’s standing will be safeguarded.

  • Reporting

    To ensure accuracy of pay we will provide you with precise reports. We offer wide variety of standard and custom reporting. The reports are going to be always available and provided after each payroll or upon on your request. You will be able to access payroll information and view most of the report for your employees at www.viewmypaycheck.com. All the payroll reports and records will be stored for 5 year’s period.

  • Adding 401 (k) plans

    A 401 (k) plan is retirement plan offered by a company. It allows saving money by investing it on pre-tax basis, more clearly lowering current taxable income. A 401(k) plan is not mandatory for employer but employer can always decide to do this, and that is when we can assist you how to do this and integrate it in the payroll.

  • Managing Fringe Benefits

    Most of the time, except certain situations, fringe benefits are taxable and they are included in taxable income and reported with wages on same paychecks. The IRS is really careful about how employees report and understand these categories of compensation. We have strong knowledge how these certain thresholds are taxed under variety of special circumstances.

  • Direct Deposits

    If you decide to pay your employees by directly depositing money to the bank account or credit union account, we can establish payroll system for your company with direct deposit.

  • Prepaid Debit Cards

    If your employees have bad credit history or don't have bank accounts, they can still apply for prepaid debit cards as long as you the employer or benefit provider offers direct deposit. We can help you with arrangement of prepaid debit cards.

  • Human Resource System

    When human resources system designed properly, you will have a clear understanding in hiring and managing tasks such as; employee expectation, checking new employee background, and avoiding expensive mismatches. It is a benefit when employee when employees have company policy and know what is expected of them. Creating good Human resources system with reliable payroll is the on the job satisfaction boosters. Consultation with formation of good HR system and preparing all the necessary documents for new hires is one of the functionalities included in our payroll service.

  • Integration

    We can integrate your third party application time management application with QuickBooks. If manage company timesheets in excel we can painlessly transfer these information in to QuickBooks Once payroll is complete it could be access 27/7 at secure web site, www.viewmypaycheck.com, which allows to view information for employees individually and for full reporting spectrum for employers.

Prices charged monthly based on number of employees and payroll cycles (monthly, semimonthly, biweekly, or once a week).
Number of Employees




Once a week






up to 15





upto 30





> 30 0.70 Each Employee/ payroll cycle   Payroll package includes: preparation of payroll checks, maintaining payroll records, and preparing your monthly/quarterly/annual payroll federal, state tax reports, and W-2's.

Data Integration

Import data from different file types, including Excel, csv, xml, and etc. Produce various transaction types in QuickBooks with extracted data: Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, Estimates, Credit Memo, and etc.

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