Thrird Party Applictions

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Every company has unique business process. Some companies prefer to keep their data on custom created applications, databases, or excel spreadsheets. We can help you transfer your company data to QuickBooks. We can integrate your application with the latest QuickBooks Version available.


Integrated Accounting Solutions provide a great facility to their clients in order to import and export transactions online. We are also providing excellent facilities to host QuickBooks company’s files online. We provide integration solution by using best technology and equipment to secure your files online. We ensure great data protection and security while handling the company’s files online. We are providing the best solutions of QuickBooks exporting and importing information from different third party applications.



We support the following types of transactions:



    1. Invoices,
    2. Sales Receipts
    3. Sales Orders
    4. Estimates
    5. Credit Memo
    6. Adjustment Notes
    7. Receive Payments
    8. Credit Card Charges
    9. Bills
    10. Journal Entries
    11. Bill Payment








We help you to protect your data from being lost. You can make secure transaction without any risk of losing your files at both ends. We are capable to host QuickBooks online with great protection and you can access the data from both ends. We are providing a better working style of integration software with QuickBooks. It is the more efficient ways that information never gets lost and can be collected outside of QuickBooks; and it can be transferred into QuickBooks as well.


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QuickBooks Support

Your imported data can be one of these file types:  Excel text, IIF, or supported by our bank file types ( OFX, QFX, QIF ,or QBO).